You’ve taken the AP courses, or precalc, or whatever your counselors told you was important if you wanted to get into a good college. Now you’re actually headed there. Maybe you just found out that for the dietetics major you need a math class; for a chem major you need calculus; you want to be an engineer. Whatever it is, you’ve got to get through this college math class: and you have to do well because it’s a prereq. College is different from high school. I know because I teach in college. I don’t want to teach high school because I want control over how I teach and I want students who choose to be in the classroom. That’s you. Once you’re not under a government requirement to get educated, what do you want? Why are you taking this math class? In college you need to level up your learning skills, not just the time you spend studying. Learn how to learn better. Learn how to do math better. I’m here to help.


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