“Am I ready for college math? I hear it’s different than high school…”

College isĀ different than high school, and I know: I teach undergraduate and master’s students and the adjustment at each step is huge. The same things come up again and again: everything goes faster! I don’t know where to look for more information, and it’s not all in the book. I’m doing great on homework but I can’t figure out the tests. These classes are so different — it feels like everyone else knows what’s going on and I don’t. I’m feeling a little lonely, because no one will talk to me… and I’m the only girl in the room.

Even in high school, you can learn from the techniques I’ve been teaching to students for years now — and not only will you be much more prepared for college math, you’ll learn ideas that can help you in the rest of your classes and your entire career. Math is about calculations and equations but it’s also a mental game. Let me share with you the secrets that mathematicians know: there’s always someone smarter than you and there’s always a problem you can’t solve, but math is beautiful and your journey with it can be amazing.